Why Now?

I imagine you’ve heard the expression that it’s never too late to start something new in your life.

So, at 35 years old, I went to seminary. 

Thinking theologically is not new for me, of course. Like most children, I was always asking really big WHY questions. At some point, my parents stopped answering or would reply with pure exasperation. All that to say: I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out how the world works and how I am supposed to understand the relationships in my life. These two things are connected for me. I find it almost impossible to separate my relationships from my understanding of the world. Who we are and who we become depends on who we know and who share our life with.

Seminary is no different.  

Was your seminary experience about checking things off a list, or was it about gaining a better sense of how God has equipped you to serve the world? Who were your people in seminary? The people whose deep impressions are reflected daily in your ministry and your work?

At the Post-Seminary Project, our founding team did not expect this project to be the result of three years becoming friends and colleagues. We did not anticipate how deeply we would feel pulled towards this work of creating space for conversations. Our final semester together was a time of learning from and leaning on each other, and we started to wonder: WHY can’t we keep having the conversations about theology, the church, social justice issues, etc. when we leave this place?

We realized that our experiences in seminary had formed us not only because of the shared space and study, but also because of the relationships we built. These relationships were built over three years of being vulnerable, investing in the work of trying to figure out what God was revealing to us about ourselves and the world. We don’t want to just continue our friendships after seminary-- we want to continue to grow and learn as we begin our career in ministry, whatever that looks like and wherever that happens.

The post-seminary project has grown into an avenue of possibilities for our founding team. We want to continue cultivating relationships where it is safe to be vulnerable and safe to ask really hard questions. Each member of the founding team deeply feels the need for this kind of space in the world, particularly for religious and pastoral leaders. So, we are ALL investing our time and talents into this work and we are excited that you are journeying with us!

We have some exciting things planned for the next few months and can’t wait to hear your stories.

To get to know our founding team better, watch this video. You’ll be able to hear why each one of us is invested in this work. The Post-Seminary Project is not about us…it is about the desire we have to hear the honest and vulnerable stories of work you are doing. The Christian faith is more than checking things off a list, and a life of ministry is so much richer and more complicated than a series of to-dos. Ministry is about the relationships you have with the world that influence the work you do. We want to help you tell your story.

Jacob DeBoer